Georgia Humanities could not maintain the quality and scope of its work without the time and talent of volunteers. Thank you for your contributions.

Joseph B. Alonso
Nancy Andrzejczak
Mikayla Aron
Karen Aubrey
Benjamin Baughman
Carlene Baurichter
Cameron P. Bean
Keith S. Bohannon
Helen L. Brackett
Kathy A. Bradley
John Buchinger
William S. Burdell III
Annie Hunt Burriss
Patricia Bush
Kim Campbell
Jennifer Coleman
Amy Coyle
George Cressman
Jeanne Cyriaque
Thomas E. Daniel
Clinton R. DeMooney
Virginia Dilkes
Suzanne Doonan
Leward L. Dunn
LaRee P. Findley
Peggy Heard Galis

Ali Gomez
P. Toby Graham
Jodie L. Guest
Annalee Harlan
Matthew Harper
Gary S. Hauk
Jessyca Holland
Bethany K. Hrachovec
Brian Huang
Alexander O. Hughes
Ira Jackson Jr.
Hal Jacobs
Evelyn E. Johnson
Ruth A. Knox
Lisa Landers
Susan Pease Langford
Emily Lewellen
Sharon Lukiri
F. Abit Massey
Henry McCoy
Jonathan D. Merrill
Kaye L. Minchew
Felecia Moore
Karrie Nelson
Merryll Penson
Katherine Perrotta

Virnilisa Printup
Elise Rochowski
Clinton Rucker
Narayan Sengupta
Melissa Shaddix
Meirah Shedlo
Bill Speer
Phil Smith
Ann Stallard
Sally Stanhope
Daniel J. Thompson Jr.
James E. Toney
John Travis
Kelly Vaughn
Andres Villegas
Melanie Watson
Leah Wetzler
Delores Lazare White
Pamela Whitten
Donald Wildsmith
Pat Wilson
JoAnn Wood
Tracey L. Woodcock
Laura Wynn

We strive to be as accurate with our gift listing as possible. If you have found a discrepancy, please accept our apologies, and contact Sarah Buckley at (404) 523-6220 x113 or sbuckley@georgiahumanities.org.